eRegulatory Summit – Madrid 25-27 April

eRegulatory Summit – Madrid 25-27 April

We took part in the eRegulatory Summit in Madrid by the end of April. With almost 200 participants, it was a big IDMP event and we had the opportunity to discuss with many of them. It was an enrishing moment of  exchange about the upcoming dates and tasks.

We really appreciated getting the point of view and insights of all actors moving towards IDMP – Pharmaceutical companies, solutions providers, health authorities and consulting companies.

We will provide detailed contents but to sum up, it seems that the way to go is still long before reaching IDMP compliance for all of us but tasks and timelines  become more and more concrete now.

If you have any comments on this event and its content, please feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We are looking forward to discuss with you!


Our spanish fellows from Asphalion presenting some IDMP impacts.


by Maxime Campos -05/15/2017