ISO IDMP Timelines

ISO IDMP Timelines

ISO IDMP Timelines and Iteration

Both the European Medical Agency (EMA) and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) are in the process of implementing the standards developed by the International Organization for StandardizationExternal link icon (ISO) for the identification of medicinal products (IDMP).

Following a phased implementation process, pharmaceutical companies will be required to submit data on medicines to EMA in accordance with these formats and terminologies. Initially scheduled by the end of 2016, the first iteration implementation is now delayed to 2018. This break is the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to take the lead on IDMP compliance and maybe change their strategy on how to implement it.

In a complex and changing environment, we have sumarize IDMP iterations and associated timelines according to SPOR master data management and how to pull of the benefits of this delay for pharlaceutical companies.


By Maxime Campos – Consultant for RIMS and XEVMPD/IDMP topics