Our services

Clinical Operations

Teelia provides a large range of services toward Phase I, II, III, IV and observational studies, such as :

  • Startup
  • Site Management
  • Data Management
  • Quality Assurance
TEELIA Life Science Industries

Regulatory Affairs

TEELIA supports all regulatory activities coordination for specific European countries, USA and India.

  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Dossier Compilation, Publishing and submissions
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Assurance


Teelia helps its clients to manage potential and effective risks with the following activities:

  • ICSRs Management
  • Medical Writing
  • Regulatory Reports
  • PV Database Management
Technology & Information Solutions

Information solutions

Teelia’s service offer relies on business expertise, regulatory knowledge and information solutions knowhow to deliver:

  • IT Project Consulting
  • Data Migration Projects
  • Computerized Systems Validation
  • Data Management