IDMP Service Offer

Teelia provides an XEVMPD and IDMP consulting and data management services to help organizations prepare for IDMP implementation. The following are our XEVMPD and IDMP Services

IDMP Readiness Assessment

  • Deliver awareness workshop on IDMP Requirements
  • Define Strategy/roadmap
  • Analyse Product Portfolio and Scope the volume
  • Design current XEVMPD/IDMP data flow within the organization & across partners
  • Identify Data Source System and Assess existing landscape
  • Assist in new IDMP System Selection
TEELIA Life Science Industries

IDMP Data Collection and Management

  • Define Baseline IDMP Data
  • Support IDMP Data Collection and Quality Review
  • Guide IDMP System Implementation & Validation activities
  • Help to reach IDMP Compliance and Submission Management
  • Design Interim IDMP Change Management Plan

IDMP Implementation and Maintenance

  • Identify Business Process Changes
  • Establish Data Governance
  • Support Data Quality Management and Assess risks
  • Help transitioning from XEVMPD to IDMP
  • Analyse impacts and remediate Data based on IDMP Guidelines
  • Implement Robust Change Management Process
  • Maintain IDMP Compliance status (define KPIS and CAPAs)
  • Sustain Ongoing IDMP Data Management
TEELIA Life Science Industries